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Right people for Younglimwon

Younglimwon wants people of Young(永)-way

Based on trust

With honest and proud,
caring for others with mutual help
and sharing
(trust, caring, devotion)

Pursuing Objectivity

Keep stress on learning from
customers for the best solutions and service
with what learned and to be learned
(Learning, sharing, cooperation)

Leading role in life

Having dream and vision,
and challenging against changes
with initiative attitudes
(passion, challenge, dream)

Time and scale of employment


We employ on an annual regular basis and often as occasion calls.
We employ new and experienced employees who have completed military service and are not disqualified for overseas travel.

Fields of employment and qualifications

Field Career Qualification
Development New ① .NET (Window, Web), DataBase, Mobile (ios & Android)
Consulting Over 5 years No recruitment
Customer Support Over 2 years No recruitment
Sales Over 2 years ① Over 2 years of experience of application software sales
Marketing Over 3 years ① Local and overseas marketing management and marketing
② Over 3 years of experience in above
Management Support Over 3 years ① General understanding of management
② Over 3 years of experience in corporate settlement of accounts
③ Experience of KOSDAQ registration and stock management
④ Experience of general affairs and HR management

Document screening

Accept by e-mail

Aptitude test

Individual aptitude test and written English test

Interview and presentation

Individual notice after aptitude test


Individual notice after interview

Document to submit


1. Download application form below
2. Fill in the application form and disclose the privacy agreement
3. Prepare a letter of self-introduction (describe motive, career, and work experience in detail)

Download application form
Submit your documents below

· Planning & Innovation Team
· Tel: +82-2-2093-1620
· E-mail :
· N.B: Submitted documents and letters are not to be returned.