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Younglimwon Philosopy

We provide our customers with the best solution and satisfactory service for competent business management,
and not only lead the Asian market, but also further leap into the world market.

To this end, every one of us constantly builds knowledge on management and IT,
shares knowledge and information each other, and work vigorously with autonomous thinking and action.

Keeping in mind that customers’ prosperity is the foundation of our success,
we prosper along with our customers based on sound management,
and pursue happiness of life, hand in hand with our family as well.

For our customers to be able to manage more competently

Development of a society in the market economy system depends on the success and growth of companies.
It is because of the fact that the growth and development of many companies will create more jobs, and bring about accumulation of the social wealth.
Among the internal factors of corporate success in this age of unlimited competition, the corporate management ability is undoubtedly considered to be a main factor.
Younglimwon takes the initiative role in modernizing the management ability for those companies as its main customers who aspire to advance their management level.
= Therefore, Younglimwon takes an initiative role in modernizing the management ability for its main customers who aspire to advance their management levels.

Provide our customers the best solution and satisfactory services

The end result of our endeavor to advance customer value is a practical solution and consulting service facilitating better to use it.
Beyond the usual consulting services supporting management directions, we offer solutions as detailed action plans in order to induce changes in customers’ companies and enhance their implementation capabilities.
Only when we do our best, customers will be satisfied.
We always look for what our customers need and how we can lessen their burden on business.
We create and deliver the best solutions for customers on every level, and provide responsible services until they are satisfied and impressed.

Lead the Asian market, and further leap into the world market.

In the 21st century, Asia is the most important market. Asia is overwhelmingly larger than any other continent in terms of population.
Numerous companies making inroads into Asia, and there are much more companies making their ways to the market.
Even in this situation of unlimited competition, we are confident to provide solutions that are more suitable for the Asian market than the Western-born solutions since we are in a better position to create solutions that are applicable to the business environment of Asian market.
With the best solution among the three East Asian countries, Korea, Japan, and china, we plan further to lead the market with outstanding competitiveness and provide direct-support from short distance.
Furthermore, as more and more Asian companies are steadily expanding their business territory into the world market, we are also going to make inroads into the world market with our pride to design the best solution.
By actively accepting demands of western companies and continuously improving our solutions, our company will be gaining more of its competitive edge through fusion of the strengths of the eastern and western cultures.
= Therefore, with continuous improvement in our solutions by enthusiastically accepting demands of Western companies, it is able to strengthen our competitiveness in the global market by combining advantages of both Asian and Western cultures.

To this end, every one of us constantly builds knowledge on management and IT

Our competitiveness is rooted in integration of management knowledge and IT application technology.
All the members of Younglimwon, therefore, should continuously endeavor to acquire these two kinds of knowledge. They accumulate these two to enhance utilization of both knowledge at the enterprise level as well as individual level so that it can consistently strengthen competitiveness of both company and individual.
Fulfilling self-development through getting more competent in this way, we will be able to relish a valuable life. In our life, wealth and fame are not a priority. More important than anything else is self-realization through developing our own capabilities.
Self-development is not achieved without constant efforts with own determination.
The most important thing in corporation life is to pursue valuable life through self-development.

Share new knowledge and information each other

The 21st century will be a time of more rapid change and increased complexity.
The massive flood of information and tremendous increase of knowledge become exponentially overwhelming.
It is impossible for a person individually to extensively perceive and acquire those knowledge and information.
However, we still should face to gain them and share meaningful information each other to establish our competitiveness base on this basis. Therefore, it creates a competency to perform in knowledge and information levels rather than just physical ones.
By working together, we can also achieve more personal achievements than by working alone for life.

Work vigorously with autonomous thinking and action

The difference between men and animals is that the former one has the ability to choose by reason.
It is the most important task in our life to strengthen our ability to make the right choice.
Every one of us must be a person with an enterprising spirit who is ready and willing to work without waiting for others to give orders.
We are also aware that it is much more effective and efficient to choose on our own tasks rather than control by others.
Living an independent and creative life which are free from old habits and stereotypes that constrain our thinking and behavior, we can accomplish better outcome and be much more proud and satisfied.
Even though our choice does not produce outputs as intended, we should not be depressed and shift our responsibility to others.
Failure can turn into more valuable asset when we can draw lessons from it.
We will continue to create a vibrant workplace where open-minded people work with cooperative spirit and responsibility.

Keeping in mind that customers’ prosperity is the foundation of our success

Bearing in mind that our income comes from our customers, we will complete our responsibility, as our prosperity depends on their success.
They are willing to give us reasonable rewards only when they have attained appropriate outcomes such as improvement in management through our solutions and services.
Thus, both we and our customers can flourish together only when customers operate successful business through advancement in management capabilities with our solutions.
The enterprise-wide management information system is the core infrastructure of our customer company’s management. If our customers should not be able to use this system properly, it will bring about enormous troubles to the management of their company.
We should be grateful to our customers for their trust on us of designing core infrastructure.
We will do our best to provide responsible services for our customers with a sense of mission to ensure their success using our solutions well. We believe that the customer success is our own success.

Prosper along with our customers based on sound management

We will develop a sound corporate culture, and build our company worth to work for.
In order to establish such corporate culture, everyone should clearly be able to separate public and private matters with healthy mind and body.
Since we are all imperfect beings, so in a remote corner of our mind there is avarice hidden.
This avarice would tempt us to act unwisely, to cross the line between the public and the private matters, and finally lead us to destruction.
We must overcome this avarice lest we should fall into this pitfall.
We should be able to control the mind and learn to draw lines between private and public things.
Then our corporate culture will be as sound as possible, and our company’s productivity will increase as well.
The enterprise-wide management information system we use and we provide for our customers will make it possible to clearly share the performance result of all employees transparently.

Pursue abundant life, hand in hand with our family as well

Demoralization and loss of humanity today are brought about by collapse of family. We should reconstruct normal family life if we would live a happy life together.
What else could be a richer life than loving one another among family members and living together with neighbors?
Let us love our family with all our heart. A happy family is the goal of our life and the reason for being. Furthermore, let us oblige our neighbors with a lenient mind. Our neighbors are the mirror of our life.