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Division Expense management Manufacturer Bizplay
Explanation “When spending expenses with personal/corporate cards, receipt classification management – journal entry generation – electronic payment (when linking electronic payment) can be processed at once, making expense management easier and more accurate”
Interface cost (excluding VAT) Free of Charge Linked work subject Younglimwon or Younglimwon partner company
Subscription fee (excluding VAT) 3 million Won (KRW) Subscription fee payment/receipt subject YOUNGLIMWONSOFTLAB Co., Ltd.
Monthly usage fee (excluding VAT) KRW 5,000/user Payer/receiver of monthly usage fee YOUNGLIMWONSOFTLAB Co., Ltd.

Expense management

Evidence-free expense management service through partnership between Younglimwon ERP and Bizplay
Younglimwon Story (From page 14) Younglimwon brochure
Individual/overseas issued corporate card
Submit your receipt with your smartphone!
Individual/overseas issued corporate card Submit your receipt with your smartphone!
We help you to process personal card usage details as company expenses.
Don’t collect paper receipts any more, save time with online expense processing!
Employees can easily send personal credit card receipts needed to process company expenses from their mobile devices.

Personal Credit Card Receipt Verification

Enter expenses

Print receipt

Receipt officer

Check card usage statistics at a glance
You can check the card usage statistics you are curious about in the Card Report.

Card usage statistics

Various reports

Print report

Download Excel

Check for fraudulent use

Linkage of card approval history with ERP
By linking the card approval history, you can edit the information and process journal enties.
Would you like to apply for an expense management service?
For the expense management service, you can apply for the System Ever service after completing the ‘Bizplay Service’ application.
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