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Younglimwon philosophy

永 – WAY

Our Mission

We provide the best solutions and impressive services to help our customers manage their businesses better, lead the Asian market, and leap forward into the world.

永 – WAY

Our Vision

As the No. 1 ERP company in Asia,
We contribute to the development of mankind by helping customers innovate.

Why 永-WAY?

永林院 (Company)


A perpetual enterprise shares and practices the purpose of existence clearly
– the era of fluid virtual organization


Where there is trust, people (technologies) gather, customers gather, and money gathers


Only creative and autonomous companies that constantly innovate will survive

永林人 (Individual)


Succeed by minimizing conflict and waste while valuing the overall optimal purpose


Humans cannot live alone. Without trust, balanced happiness is impossible


A life of constantly changing and enlightening oneself through various experiences

Action Plan


Based on trust

We act honestly, be considerate of others at all times, and act with sincerity

Focused on purpose

We create value, pursuing overall optimization, setting goals and plans, and executing them

Leading Life

We share dreams and visions, constantly challenging, achieving with pride, and being examplary

“The selfish individual can win the altruistic individual,
but the selfish group loses to the altruistic group.”
“The latest technology is constantly changing and easy to imitate,
but corporate culture is the source of performance and it is difficult to imitate.”
“Let’s achieve corporate success with the right mission and good corporate culture
just as we achieve individual success through the right direction and consistent effort.”