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Social Responsibility


We will take the lead in fostering ERP talent.

Younglimwon SoftLab, along with the Korea Business Information Society, leads spring∙autumn contests and academic conferences for college students and sponsors’ of the Korea IT Service Society.

Cultivating innovative talents who will be responsible for the changing future day by day is an important task for the ERP industry.

Younglimwon Soft Lab believes in the possibility of advanced ERP along with AI, cloud, and big data.

We look forward to excellent young talent who will lead the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Korea Management Information Society is a corporation under the Ministry of Information and Communication, in which experts from various fields participate to lead knowledge informatization through the use of information and communication technology.

Younglimwon Soft Lab not only expects innovation in the business ERP field by signing an MOU with the Korea Management Information Society, but also finds and trains actual talents by hiring and linking them.

The Korea IT Service Association is an academic research organization registered by the Ministry of Information and Communication that contributes to the academic development of IT services in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Younglimwon SoftLab sponsors the Spring∙Autumn Conference of the Korean IT Service Society.