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B2C Distribution


Understanding of the Industry

The Features of Distribution Industry
Online gathering company booming for bulk sales order processing through various sales order type development
Process complexity due to diversification of distribution channels such as Online shopping malls, discount stores, and home shopping
Increased demand for WMS linkage with a third-party logistics system in distribution
Requires establishment of SCM by sharing partner data for web orders
Various types of inventory management required (consignment/set product/gift product management)
Sales calculation complexity due to diversification of payment amount (cash, points, credit card, etc)
Issues about speed when processing sales orders with the internal system due to a large number of orders
Online sales increase due to untact purchases due to Corona

The Future Paradigm of Distribution Industry
General Courier is over the hill. Establishment of ‘Fullfilment System’, a Logistics Service from ‘storage~order’ to ‘shipping·refund’
  • In terms of the logistics bulk agency service, a logistics service provider, consigned by vendors, is in charge of all the procedures such as shipping, packaging, inventory, exchange, or refund
‘Live Commerce’ which will be a new channel in the distribution industry through real-time real-time video streaming
  • Live Commerce is a sales methodology with which sellers and viewers chat in real-time through real-time broadcasting
Eco-friendly management
  • Decrease of single-use disposable goods and use of eco-friendly products – straws, containers

B2C, Distribution Industry Issue & Solutions

Real-Time Sales Info Sharing

Shipping Mall Order Data Interface

Shipping Mall Order Data Interface Process

WMS Logistics System Interface

Shopping Mall Sales Calculation

Inventory Management by Expiry Date

(ERP LOT Mgt. and Third-Party Logistics Location Mgt.)

Management Method Set-Items and Returns

Establishment of Quality Inspection System