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Development of solutions

  • 2021

    05 비영리기관 ERP, “SystemEver 비영리” 발표
    05 “에버근태”, “에버페이롤” 발표
    05 Qlik Sense Enterprise 기반의 “K-System 경영분석” 발표

  • 2019

    May.Announcement of management analysis model convergence ERP, K-System Ace

  • 2015

    Feb.Cloud SaaS ERP “SystemEver” Launch

  • 2013

    May.Presentation of early achievements in WBS(World Best Software)
    May.– K-System BizUp 3.0 designed for plan/do/see management and business process Integrated solution
    May.– K-Studio, Enterprise application development platform
    May.– All in K, Schedule/social network/management of information mobile App

  • 2009

    Jan.Launching K-System ver5 Genuine, facilitating excellent performance

  • 2007

    Nov.Launching BPM solution “K-System iCon”

  • 2006

    Nov.Launching internal control system “K-System iCon”

  • 2005

    Nov.Launching groupware “K-System WellComm”

  • 2004

    Nov.Launching integration concept “K-System G&I

  • 2003

    Nov.Launching “.NET version”
    Oct.Success in applying Maximum ERP System based on “.NET” to Lotte Chilsung

  • 2001

    Apr.Launching “K-System ESM(Strategic management information system)” and “K-System ERM(Enterprise relations management)”

  • 2000

    Apr.Launching next generation ERP package “K-System2000”(3-tier structure)