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Customizable ERP

K-System Genuine


  • Implementing real-time operation through enterprise-wide process integration (ERP + BPM + Groupware)
  • Quick response to changes in business models such as establishment of overseas subsidiaries (multi-lingual service) and change in DBMS by reconfiguration of variables or modification of sub database systems
  • Supporting business process of multi-company enterprises
  • Integrated ERP abided by IFRS and internal control systems
  • Easy to choose modules and service optimal for your needs
  • Minimizing system implementation cost and maintenance fee through individual customization
  • Self-development kit increases productivity for customization or additional development
  • Flexible technical architecture easy to upgrade in accordance to advance in technology
  • General manufacturing (electrics,electronics assembly,automotive parts,metal,chemical,food and beverage,steel,telecommunication equipment etc.),and distribution/logistics
  • Equipment manufacturing (semiconductor manufacturing,general equipment),engineering/plant,and ervices/education/leisure/IT/consulting
  • Energy/environment,shipbuilding materials,clothing/apparel and specialized construction
  • Public agency/research center/association,etc
K-System ver.5 Genuine

Core Characteristics

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) for maximizing business performance

  • Maximize performance with limited resources through “Select and Focus” approach for every phase of management from strategic planning, execution and measurement to evaluation
  • VBM (Values Based Management) for setting long-term business plan pursuing value with available resources
  • BSC for sharing enterprise strategic goal and expediting its achievement
  • Management accounting for executing multi-dimensional cost/profit analysis based on ABC (Activity-based costing)

All-purpose business distribution system optimal for ever-changing global business environment

  • Supporting various annual/monthly sales plan process (vendor production planning, long-term planning, B2C inventory planning)
  • Executing strategic marketing activities through promotion management
  • Supporting various modes of receiving orders (order by models, by options and by specification etc.) requested by customers
  • Flexible inventory management enabled by the management of warehouse, shadow warehouse
  • Providing flexible inventory management features enabled by seamless material flow management in warehouse, and shadow warehouse
  • Supporting global outsourcing (Oversea production, direct export to a third country or re-import into Korea)
  • Supporting various types of international trading such as overseas processing trade, transit trade, third country export/import, consignment export trade etc

System for maximizing operational efficiency through optimizing production plan

  • Setting flexible and optimized production plans
  • Executing information management of Engineering Change Order (ECO)
  • Managing associated products and byproducts
  • Providing JIT-based materials requirement program
  • Facilitating cooperation through system with partners and partner appraisal program.
  • Managing budget for purchasing
  • Operating quality control system based on statistics

Multiple management plans and new accounting information system complying with IFRS

  • Providing information for financial management and business analysis complying with both international and domestic accounting standards
  • Supporting user-centric and flexible setup by business type
  • Providing accounting structures which supports various accounting systems with different accounting periods and standards (monthly/quarterly accounting report, IFRS-based closing, consolidated financial statement, PD closing etc
  • Supporting cash-based management for timely financing and efficient operation

Competency-based HR strategy and right-people-for-right-place HR development system

  • Providing competency-based HR strategy demanded by global enterprises and large companies
  • Providing HR management features of competency-related career/education management
  • Supporting analysis of comprehensive competency through employees’ ability interpretation
  • Supporting qualitative/quantitative performance evaluation and various compensation plans
  • Supporting global compensation plans by building flexible pay scheme
  • Providing convenient ESS/MSS functions
  • Providing retirement allowance plans in accordance with IFRS standards

Integrated Project Management System (PMS) supporting in-house and outside projects and their profit-loss analysis

  • Supporting integrated management of human resource requirement, WBS, budget, accounting and profit-loss analysis by projects
  • Supporting establishment of project budget according to budget rates
  • Analysis of projected cost of on-going project and post-project profit-loss analysis
  • Systematic integration between production sector and project sector
  • Realizing value creation through maximized efficiency of project management
K-System Genuine

Service configuration diagram

K-System is supported by SquareNet on the following editions of Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.