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Food Processing


Understanding of the Industry

Features of Food Processing Industry
Acquisition of Food Safety
Diverse Transaction Types (B2B, B2C, Distributors)
Complicated SO/PO Types and Sales Settlement Work
Quality Traceability Through LOT Mgt. (Products and Raw Materials)
Demand Forcasting and Optimal Stock Mgt. (SCM Mgt.)
Third-Party Logistics System Link

Future Paradigm of Food Processing Industry
Increase of Single-Person Households, Expansion of HMR (Home Meal Replacement) Market
Expansion of Healthcare Product Market due to aging society
Growth of Online Distribution Channel
Competition of SCM Supply Chain Management (Manufacturing Cost Advantage)
Strengthening food safety policies in response to the increasing severity of environmental pollutants in the food industry

Food Processing Industry Issues & Solutions

Sales Management Improvement

  • Distribution/Online Customer SO&PO/Settlement Work Improvement
  • Result Management by Sales PIC, Customer Receivable Management
  • Profit Analysis Information by Item (Manufacturing Cost/SG&A Expense Analysis and Sales Profits by Item)

Sales Management > Large Distribution Shop PO and Supply Management

  • Batch processing on PO and SO when making a transaction with a large distribution shop. → SO and delivery note generation through batch upload of PO/supply details

Order Management > Shopping Mall Order Data Interface

  • Not possible to make a one-on-one transaction with many shopping malls → API Interface with SabangNet (online order management)

Logistics Management Improvement

  • In terms of current disconnection of logistics and accounting data, the implementation of integrated ERP information system enables inventory In/Out and cost management

Logistics Management > Barcode Interface

  • Simplifying data entry, prevention of errors, and site-fitting system configuration through implementation of barcode
  • Improved inventory management level through Lot inventory and expiry date management

생산관리 > MES 연동을 통한 제조업무개선

  • MES 연동을 통한 생산실적 관리

Production Management > Food History Tracking Management

  • Need to implement a process to respond to the food traceability management system
    → API linkage through food traceability management system by collecting traceability information for each stage from production/purchase to sales of items subject to traceability management

Finance Work / Costing Improvement

  • Improvement of data consistency through automatic journal entry processing
  • Systematization of financial management (concordance of logistics flow with accounting books and improvement of year-end settlement work)
  • Improvement of the accuracy of cost information linked to production performance
  • Provide manufacturing cost / profitability analysis report by product