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Customizable ERP

K-System Genuine for Public/Non-profit Sector


  • Designing systems featuring performance budget system
  • accrual basis double-entry bookkeeping
  • and standard process by analysis of core business
  • Providing information on conformity assessment between budget and actual
  • Convenient to select fields/modules/services as required
  • Featuring comparison between budget and actual (per budget year)
  • and providing finance and accounting by double-entry bookkeeping on accrual basis (per fiscal year) simultaneously
  • Efficient management of organization and personnel for accomplishing goals of a public organization
  • Attendance and remuneration management suitable for payroll structures of various organizations
  • Korea Productivity Center,Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development,Korea Communications Agency,Korea Radio Promotion Association,Financial Security Institute,Korea Industrial Technology Association etc
  • Investment agencies of Seoul Metropolitan City,and other affiliate organizations of local governments like Busan Facilities Management Corporation,Incheon Facilities Management Corporation,Goyang Facilities Management Corporation,Namyangju Facilities Management Corporation,Korea Local Information Research and Development Institute,Ulsan Techno Park,and other affiliate organizations of local governments
K-System Genuine for Public/Non-profit Sector

Main features

Integrated solution to keep up with changes in business and IT environment

  • Real-time management through company-wide integration of internal processes
  • Connectivity of Information through integrated database

Providing standard process fit for public/non-profit company

  • Supporting interworking process of various project budget with resolution/accounting systems of public company
  • Possible to respond to any change in business modes and internal process by reconfiguration and adoption of expansion modules

User-friendly design and configuration

  • Providing portals and menu structure for individual use (bookmark, history etc)
  • Providing features like inter-data connection, minimalized input, data tracking

Expandability with latest information technology (SOA) environment

  • Ready to expand with modules such as Business Intelligence (BI), Mobile, IFRS
  • Integration of external/internal optional services and K-Branch, electronic tax invoice, asset bar code, attendance card reader, and other internal systems
K-System Genuine for Public/Non-profit Sector

System structure

  • Easy to set up annual budget with mid
  • and long-term plans,and possible to design project-based budget structure
  • Allowing systematic management of program budget and generating budget statement by each program through structured design of program segments by the area,domain,policy,unit,and project details
  • Supporting set-up of various mode of budget management like main budget,revised supplementary budget,and other special budgets
  • Supporting set-up of budget execution plan through annual budget allocation,and management of various budget allocation modes including regular allocation,special allocation,and revised allocation
  • Providing a management function for budget changes (collective changes and changes by case) of allocated budget,and a settlement function for remaining budget through budget carry-over,budget return,and surplus disposal
  • Human resources management through individual career management including individual appointment and organization change
  • Attitude management with record of annual leave,business trip,and leave of absence
  • Systematic development of human resources through managing education plan,execution,and performance control
  • Supporting various payroll management like salary/settlement/retirement,and providing allowance through attendance management for overtime work,off-day work,etc
  • Establishment of payroll system linking with personnel appointment or attendance
  • Enhancing efficiency through linking with electronic approval system for attendance management
  • Managing entire process from draft to expenditure based on details of budget allocation
  • Preventing data input error by linking information stage-by-stage and automatic journal processing
  • Improving work efficiency by electronic approval process supported by groupware
  • Providing budget settlement (on budget year basis) through budget-actual comparison as well as financial closing (on fiscal year basis) through accrual basis double-entry bookkeeping
  • Enhancing accuracy and productivity of revenue confirmation through linking with business credit card and banks
  • Enhancing function for journal controlling such as fund management by item,monthly/annual accounting settlement control,and automatic creation of accounting journal
  • Preventing accounting fraud in-advance through real-time fund management
  • Simplifying journal process through automatic journalizing,and linkage with budget control
  • Various types of financial reports as printable forms
  • Tax accounting system designed for users’ convenience
  • Management of asset history through actual asset management
  • Management of property depreciation and increase/decrease of capital through accounting-based asset management
  • Management of asset statement and asset register
  • Management of fixed asset by linking with goods purchase and inspection
K-System Genuine for Public/Non-profit Sector

Work process