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  • 2019

    May.Announcement of management analysis model convergence ERP, K-System ACE

  • 2018

    Jan.Established a branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 2017

    Jun.Established a corporation in Tokyo, Japan

  • 2016

    Aug.Recruit of first Cloud ERP Service Partners
    Jan.MOU with a partner in Jakarta, Indonesia (Cloud Saas Business)

  • 2015

    Sep.Management improvement of GCS(Global Creative Software) mobile-type projectDevelopment of analysis model for CCI Platform (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

  • 2014

    Dec.Awarded The Grand Prize for S/W Company (Korea S/W Industry Association)
    Oct.The 100th Younglimwon CEO Forum
    Apr.Accounting/tax service delegated by Samil Accounting Firm

  • 2013

    Dec.Overseas training of all members in commemoration of the 20th anniversary (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)
    May.Presented early achievement of the 3rd task in WBS (World Best Software)
    May.K-System BizUp 3.0 designed for Plan/Do/See Management and Business Process Integrated Solution
    May.K-Studio, platform for companies to design applications for their own use
    May.All in K, mobile application for management of information, social relationship and scheduleK

  • 2011

    Dec.Fulfilled the 3rd project of WBS (World Best Software) designing
    Dec.“Integrated Smart ERP” with the government R&D support until Dec. 2013
    Dec. Awarded Silver Service Medal on the day of Software industry (organized by MKE)

  • 2010

    Apr.One of the 10 Largest Software Exporting Star Enterprises (organized by KOTRA)

  • 2009

    Jan.Launching K-System ver5 Genuine, facilitating excellent performance

  • 2008

    Dsc.Moved company building (Yeomchang-dong)

  • 2007

    Nov.Launching BPM solution of K-System BizUp

  • 2006

    Nov.Launching internal control system, K-System iCon
    Apr.Established Younglimwon Community

  • 2005

    Oct.The 1st CEO Forum of Younglimwon and Dasan
    May.Opened a workshop inviting CEOs of Younglimwon customer companies

  • 2004

    Nov.Launching of new integrated system of K-System-G&I, and company value evaluating system K-System-VM

  • 2003

    Nov.Released K-System C&S ERP for enhancing customer service
    Jun.Released systems in multi-lingual versions of Japanese, Chinese, and English
    Jan.Selected for Food Processing Sector in the Industry-wide Template Jewelry supported by Ministry of Information & Communication and Ministry of Industry & Resources

  • 2002

    Jun.Started to develop new product based on .NET
    Oct.Selected for machinery and chemical companies of information & innovation (TIMP’s)

  • 2000

    Nov.Launching new products ERM and ESM
    Apr.Organized the 1st ERP Experience Day in Korea

  • 1999

    Mar.Designed ERPs for Lotte Confectionery and others applying the latest MS technology with 3-tier structure

  • 1998

    DEC.Selected Promising Information & Communication SME (by Ministry of Information & communication)

  • 1997

    Sep.Launching the 1st Korean-type ERP, K-System

  • 1993

    May.Established Younglimwon Soft Lab