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Understanding of the Industry

The Features of Pharmaceutical Industry
General pharmaceutical production is manufactured based on the semi-product and packaged by product unit
Production type is divided by in-house production and outsourcing production (A consignment method is used for this case)
  • You consign the production the medication to a professional pharmaceutical manufacturing company to enhance productivity efficiency
Synchronization of Quality and Production
  • Inspection is requested when you receive materials and enter production results
  • Test management by LOT (sample collection order – result – test item result – comprehensive judgement)
  • GR judgement after comprehensive production judgement
Ethical-the-counter drugs are managed in the pharmaceutical serialization system
  • MES/WMS/RWS/LIMS etc. are linked to companies depending on the cirmumstances

The Future Paradigm of Pharmaceutical Industry
There is a similar business content in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, cosmetics, food industry
  • Diverse companies release functional food products
Structural Growth Potenntial – R&D
  • Currently, there is a strong desire to develop its own drugs through research/development in the production of generic drugs such as Generic, and in the future, it is predicted that there will be more types of structures that lead from R&D to production
Establishment of Global Production System
  • It is expected that number of companies with GMP based production facility and companies transitioning to a multi-national company through expansion of facility will increase

Pharmaceutical/biotech industry issues & solutions

Sales Activity Management

  • Marketing information about customers’ (potential/actual customers) marketing info, sales activity schedule, and activity history management

Handle Tasks on Mobile/Web

  • When registering orders, it proceeds an automatic confirmation following the conditions or a separate authorization process through application of automatic check-logic

Link Customer Evaluation Info

  • Bond risk management by connecting closed business info provided by NTS/Nice Information Service

Prescription Result Management

  • A medical equipment supply agency enters prescription result data to proceed sales result analysis.

Maintain pharmaceutical compliance through expense report for economic gains from product briefing webinar and conferences.

Product Traceability Management

  • It tracks Lot of entire process from production history → raw material input → purchase GR based on the GI Lot No

Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service Report

  • Transmission of GI serial No. and supply details by linking ERP and pharmaceutical serialization system

Link with Other System

  • Transmission of production production/quality result through MES/LIMS link after manufacturing and package planning