We provide standards for good ERP

Why do we need to use well-designed ERP?
Where can we find an ERP upgraded with growth of a company?
To resolve all the issues above, we offer a guideline for selecting right a proper ERP which fits with the operational level of the company.



How to resolve issues on ERP operation?
Our consulting knowledge accumulated for last 24 years on various industrial areas, resolves your issues on ERP with our special solution kit tackling 10 typical pain-points that most of enterprises may encounter.



We offer an ERP solution which keeps up with growth to of your company.
Are you looking for a business solution fit for current level of operation?
Then, please refer to an ERP with Cloud service features.
Or, your company is fully established and needs a well-structured business process of reliable planning functionality.
Then, install an on-premise ERP solution that can be customized according to your request.


Mobile ERP possible to share information any time.

Mobile ERP suitable to operate on site
/ Cloud environment possible to operate any time any place
/ On-time stock management
/ Approval through Messengers
/ Interworking with mobile BI

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