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Cloud, the world without barriers in physical spaces, time and devices.
It is the world that SystemEver wishes to create.
SystemEver achieves One Source Multi Device (OSMD),
which enables operating on any devices such as PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.

K-Studio, our development platform which helps to realize OSMD, is a tool supporting easy and coherent development of business applications.
Furthermore, K-Studio provides Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which carries out development, builds, debugs, and tests for ERP.
= Younglimwon Soft Lab has maximized productivity of solution development by K-Studio as ‘One Platform’



Sophisticated management optimal for customers’ business type

We provide a flexible ERP, which our customers can adopt in the initial stage according to their management level and later will upgrade as their business grows up. Our ERP is designed with the best practices of diverse industries and facilitates the application of advanced processes.


Complete management system of Plan-Do-See

SystemEver finds defect products and excessive inventory in advance. It enables you to integrate processes and to use resources efficiently by systematic implementation of sector/monthly plans.
You can also run your business in a predictable manner through enhanced accuracy of planning and feedback.


Speed management by reducing closing time

Belated entry of data decreases the credibility of the data. SystemEver facilitates speedy handling by mobile/alarm/progress management etc., and shortens the accounting time through integration of data of different departments. It also provides the information on analysis of cost and profit immediately after closing.


Maximum profit by control-purpose cost analysis

SystemEver provides precise information on the cost based on cost model per industry. Also it facilitates to reduce production cost by providing cost analysis per factor, and to set up long-term investment plans by providing cost analysis per sales strategy.

SystemEver, ideal for the Cloud and the mobile environment,
is differentiated in value

You can experience SystemEver in PCs, tablets, and smartphones, as well as in the web and apps.