Samsung SCM


Samsung SCM allows to remove uncertainty, reduce wastes and expedite logistics flow on supply chain (among clients, partner, and end user) by upgrading supply chain form partial optimization to total optimization. It delivers best service to all the participants (client, partner, and end user) so as to keep competitiveness on global market for Samsung Electronics and the partners.

삼성SCM 개요

System design

Suppliers → SCM

  • Saving data as Temp DB needed for link with GLONETS in suppliers’ ERP
  • Executing periodically web service of Proxy Client Application reserved in scheduler program
  • Web service of proxy Client Application reads data saved in suppliers’ Temp DB, and send it to GLONETS
  • Saving in both GLONETS and Temp DB results (FAIL/SUCCESS) processed and transmitted by internal business logic, and exceptional situation (Error checking screens to be provided by GLONETS)
  • Working staff of suppliers can checks results (FAIL/SUCCESS) and exceptional situation
삼성SCM 구축방안  SCM → 협력업체

SCM → Suppliers

  • Web service of Proxy Client Application reserved in the scheduler of suppliers is executed
  • Web service called up by the scheduler checks information (e.g. P/O) of suppliers
  • Data checked in GLONETS (e.g. P/O) is brought in and saved in Temp DB of suppliers. After data is received normally, signals of ACK will be sent to GLONETS
  • Checking transmitted results (FAILURE/SUCCESS) and exceptional situation in a monitoring screen
  • Working staff of suppliers takes additional measures according to transmitted results saved in Tem DB

Work process flow


삼성SCM 업무흐름도 - 계획


삼성SCM 업무흐름도 - 실행

Benefit of Implementation


Easy to operate diverse item, and unit price, and efficiency of data management.

  • Samsung SCM guarantees convenience of automatic ordering without additional data inputs for the order information and efficient order management to receive accurate data in time.
  • It supports defining categories of diverse products, items and their purposes as managers want in order to easily analyze and process status and aggregation.
  • It provides the function that makes it possible to systematically manage the standard unit price of sales product (end-user price/standard sales price/minimum sales price), and enables salespersons to refer to the profit rate on the basis of standard cost.


Eliminating possibilities of uncertainties and waste factors among vendors, partners, and end-users

  • By introducing SCM, it is possible to prevent the Bullwhip phenomenon, the situation which information transmission is delayed and distorted. It also supports vendors, partners, and end-users to share information such as sales plan, inventory information, and delivery and sales quantity in real-time. Thus, it helps to accomplish win-win situation between consumers and sellers since it enables to establish accurate production plan and inventory procurement plan, eliminate unnecessary inventory cost, and reduce cost.


Swift distribution flow and flexible management of distribution

  • As markets and products are getting diversified, inventory and distribution managements have become complicated, and information becomes distorted, uncertain and unpredictable due to price discount, severe promotions.
  • It is possible to strengthen competitiveness by real-time inventory and procurement management and by maintaining flexibility against inconstant business environment even for the unexpected issues.