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Right people for Younglimwon
Fringe Benefit
Fringe Benefit

Eating well

  • Breakfast
  • Cafeteria (lunch and supper)
  • Pub (a glass of beer after working hours)
  • Coffee and other beverage for refreshment during working hours
Fringe Benefit

Playing well

  • Support club activities
  • Various events: sports festival in spring, mountain climbing in autumn, workshops, overseas training for all members, etc.
Fringe Benefit

Being encouraged

  • Incentive based on performance
  • Reward for long-term employed persons
  • Support graduate school for outstanding person
  • Opportunities of overseas training
Fringe Benefit

Learning hard

  • Regular on-the-job training
  • Wide-range of cultural education
  • Encouraging and support for education outside the company
  • Providing benefits for acquisition of certificate
Fringe Benefit

Together with family

  • Support for family events
  • Raising children: support for family with many kids, maternity/paternity leave