K-System BizUp is process management solution. With this, you can link the work process resulting from work re-design consulting and utilize as ERP asset.

Main features

Harmonization of rule, process and system

K-System BizUp will harmonize rules and process, by accommodating work process to ERP.
Its high readability helps new employees master their work, makes it possible to exchange opinions between departments, and encourages top managers to be engaged.

Process Designer

  • Harmonizes rule and work through utilizing ERP asset of work process
  • Make it easier for new employees to master work process through upgraded readability
  • Makes it possible to exchange opinions between departments and encourages top managers to be engaged

My Process Portal

  • Rule-work integration through harmonization of rule, process and system and ERP-ization of process
  • Functions available including process capitalization, history management of final process, description of activity, sharing attached files
  • Handwork/ERP activity identification and linkage to screen

My To – Do

  • Provides working dashboard, and handles My To-Do in various environments including in the PC as well
  • Capable of providing history information on activities prior to My To-Do, and handling urgent business by priority
  • Provides platform engine which users can utilize to their needs by linking to Younglimwon ERP and mobile devices

Plan & Do & See

  • Sets up the company’s long-term strategic goals and values, annual target of achievement
  • Registers department/individual priority business, task, and main action plan in order to implement above
  • Periodically checks performance through analysis and weekly/monthly comparison of plan and achievement

Enhancement of strategic achievement and process efficiency

Up to now, most companies regarded integration through ERP as a leading way to management efficiency.
There are, however, limits to raising the company’s achievement. Many companies have failed to effectively implement and manage their strategic goals.
K-System BizUp systemically manages implementation of strategic goals, upgrades process efficiency, and prevents failure of achieving business results.

Raising process efficiency

  • Upgrading customers’ satisfaction through prompt and acute business handling
  • Capable of handling many jobs by just one connection
  • Systematic accumulation of overall knowledge of business handling
  • Lowering cost and upgrading financial result through optimized distribution of resources
  • Actively responding to change in business environment of mobile devices

Systematic performance management

  • Establishing plan-do-see management system as fundamental basis of management
  • Direct linkage between performances by individual and by company
  • Systematic analysis/evaluation of performance target and result
  • Simplifies BSC cores and makes performance management easier
  • Provides basis for operating performance indicator from process perspective