K-Studio enables quick response to rapidly changing business environment

K-Studio is a development tool which provides an enterprise application Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
It enables development, build, and debug of ERP systems based on development platform optimized
for the development and operation of integrated application in the form of SaaS.

Development environment for ERP Framework

Providing ERP standard screen and standard services as needed,
K-Studio can develop the screens necessary for the business,
and it is also possible to implement additional functions by Visual Studio.

Main functions and features

Basic environment for development tool

  • Capable of multi-editing through various panels and Tabbed Document Interface (TDI)
  • No extra setting or work required for development, build, etc.

Event WF

  • Re-using patterned event types
  • Providing an intuitive interface easily identifying flow of events
  • Generating log and event status while execution
  • Providing debugging function

Service configuration

  • Providing service WF to identify flow of services
  • Synchronizing data among services
  • Providing functions to define and edit service items

Service structure

  • Identifying relationship between the tables composing programs
  • Providing features automatically generating services through relationship among tables

Form designer

  • Structure making it possible to compose program and debug simultaneously
  • Providing application UI designer which is the same as actual programs
  • Enhancing program editing feature


  • Possible to develop programs in short time through patterned program template
  • Providing additional feature called “My Own Templets”
  • Providing feature of template sharing

SQL editor

  • Writing, implementing and testing of SQL script
  • Automatic generation of SQL script

Other functions

  • Features to manage programs, services, and script sources
  • Features to restore the work
  • Providing program development information

K- Studio

The beginning of the change for the quick response towards the rapidly changing world