K-FTA is the only solution in Korea that supports any Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with any country.
Korean companies preparing themselves for FTAs can directly benefit from the customs refund with our K-FTA.

Main features

Systematic management of origin information

  • Even though for products of the HS code, FTAs have different standards for origin determination, K-FTA makes sure systematic integrated management.
  • Countries often adopt different HS code for same products. But K-FTA supports individual HS code management by country. (It produces HS code automatically for a new product)
  • K-FTA makes management of origin possible especially for main high-cost materials which make up larger portions of the materials.

Quick and correct determination of origin, and Certificate of Origin issuance

  • K-FTA can issue promptly and correctly Certificates of Origin in linkage with ERP in response to frequent requests from local suppliers and foreign importers.
  • Approval management by company and by item enables prompt issuance of Certificates of Origin.

Safety in preparation for posteriori inspection

  • Correct and systematic management is necessary, because you will be in trouble if the HS code should be wrong at the time of Certificate of Origin issuance.
  • K-FTA makes it possible to manage cost and origin determination in good preparation for posteriori inspection stipulated by the Korea-EU FTA and the Korea-US FTA. K-FTA helps your people systematically manage unit price of the export products.

System structure

K-FTA realizes simulation prior to export sales, applying production plan and SO, FTA and standards for origin determination, and HS code, through interface with ERP system.
This system, therefore, makes possible advance management, determines origin, and issues documents related to certificate of origin at the time of actual export sales.
K-FTA provides function of correction notification and monthly balance of accounts as well.

FTA 시스템 구성도


Closely linked with ERP system, K-FTA realizes prompt and correct determination of origin and issuance of certificates of origin.

FTA 프로세스

Main features

FTA origin management system

Management of information on standards
  • Code management
    – – Environment setting, managing common code, registration of business operator information
  • Management of FTAs and FTA tariffs
  • Management of materials for origin determination
  • Management of Global HS Code
  • Management of similar models and signature card
Management of certificates of origin of materials provided by customers
  • Management of certificates of origin of local materials
    – Capable of designating max. 1year of comprehensive approval
  • Management of certificates of origin of imported materials
    – Capable of managing certificates of origin by import case
Origin determination / certificates of origin issuance
  • Simulation of origin determination
  • Origin determination and certificates of origin issuance for export
  • Origin determination and certificates of origin issuance for export
  • Management of origin ROI
Cost management under FTA standards
  • Ledger of warehousing (detailed)
  • Check of warehousing ratio of materials
  • Incoming and outgoing by origin
  • Management of FTA benefits / BOM based on local currency (Won)
  • Creation of batch data of unit prices under FTA standards