K-Branch is an on-line branch office of a bank established for individual company.
It provides a service of integrated cash-flow management system, which makes it possible to manage,
operate and control cash-flow according to business, organization, and cash-flow patterns of each company.

K-branch 개요

Main characters

K-branch 주요기능

Introduction effect

Link to K-System

① Environment setup for linking with ERP

Setting up K-Branch environment for all the information of receipt/issue and transfer which has been processed in ERP

  • Configuring accounts; types of account, voucher accounts, customers’ accounts, employees’ accounts
  • Selecting types of accounts for incoming and outgoing payment for payroll transactions
  • Registering beneficiary account in case of approval of credit card payment
  • Registering an account for possible difference between card approved amount of and actual paid amount
  • Setting items for automatic checking in approval of credit card payment
② Checking amounts to transfer and send the data to K-Branch
③ Transferring the amount of salary processed in ERP to individual salary account
④ Processing payment slip after checking invoice details of corporate card payment
⑤ Processing the slip after checking details of incoming payment
⑥ Process the slip after checking details of incoming payment
⑦ Processing the slip after checking details of handling balance in the banking program
⑧ Automatic checking: identifying missing voucher numbers as of the date of approval through automatic checking process
⑨ Notification of incoming payment after checking its details