Customized ERP

Consulting method

Standard method of designing ERP

  • Manages standard schedule and output by detailed activities
  • Manages schedule by project management software
  • Sends weekly report, meeting minutes, etc.

Inspection on the quality of customization

  • Interim self-inspection and final inspection
  • Receive customer’s inspection only after passing self-inspection

Standard process of consulting

구축형 ERP 컨설팅 표준 프로세스

Project management


  • Project plan
  • Project team set-up
  • Project scheduling
  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Project team education


  • As-is analysis
  • Define GAP
  • Define to-be process
  • Define interface part
  • Set-up data conversion method
  • Define system environment
  • Breakup and solve issues


  • Initial configuration of K-System
  • System interface
  • Integration test
  • Set-up system operation team
  • Set-up business processing procedure
  • User education
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Configuration for working staff
  • Final inspection
  • Interim inspection
  • Cut-over preparation
  • Final data conversation


  • Operate system
  • Final inspection and completion report
  • Add-on volume and environment definition
  • Add-on work


  • Improve K-System performance
  • Verification of additional/revised module

Consulting method

Speedy Processing for Effective ERP Deployment with knowledge

Speedy Processing for Effective ERP Deployment with knowledge

Expected effects of consulting

구축형 ERP 서비스 컨설팅 기대효과