Cloud service ERP

SystemEver is a cloud-based service which is optimized to provide solid security policies, stability, and high cost savings.

Function Consulting period Additional design Maintenance Server Remarks
Use segmented service model by industry group 4 months
(twice per week)
Possible Included in monthly fee Cloud
(separate charge)
– Provide standard work reference by industry
– Provides step-by-step road map for customer business

Best practice by industry

Corporate performance is measured by the value created through processes.
Could Service ERP improves customer’s competitive edge by providing companies to execute necessary processes in real-time.

  • Enhancing competitive edge of companies through prompt and agile management
  • Improving efficiency of ERP System implementation

Process basis

Unlike other existing ERPs, Cloud Service ERP is designed to have customers choose processes suitable for their companies, and to be flexibly supplemented or eliminated according to their requirement.

  • Significant reduction of additional development cost
  • Flexible to compose business processes by phase as business grows


EverBall as accumulation of all the consulting know-hows of Younglimwon helps users to use SystemEver conveniently in a short period of time.

  • Helps users to utilize functions of SystemEver conveniently and precisely through EverBall
  • Promptly solve any inconveniences or troubles through EverBall

Self Consulting

Reduce burden on long-term consulting period and its cost that cause SMEs a lot of difficulties in implementing existing ERPs.

  • Significantly reduce total cost of implementing ERP
  • Automated consulting tool to facilitate self- consulting

What is EverBall?

Unlike other traditional ERP Systems for SMEs, which mainly focus on records of outcomes, SystemEver is designed to improve efficiency of business processes.
It is also designed to organize programs by process depending on the corporate’s operating stages, and to expand usage based on their capability in order to enhance the management levels.

All of these features is possible becuase we segment industry groups and develop SystemEver compatible for each and every industry guided by Younglimwon’s long experience of ERP consulting.

EverBall is the fruit of innovation of Younglimwon Soft Lab. All of our consulting knowhow is embedded in EverBall. It facilitates speedy and convenient use.

EverBall (에버볼)
EverBall (에버볼)
  • Users can easily and accurately use all functions of SystemEver due to EverBall
  • Users can promptly resolve any inconveniences through EverBall when using SystemEver
  • It allows users to manage data as desired
  • Its simple and smart design provides superb readability
  • It provides users to feel interested and excited while using ERP

Self Consulting

Consultant K is an innovative consulting tool. It allows users to setup configuration and initial data input, and upload massive amount of data by themselves only after brief description by consultants. Furthermore, it is designed to be a consulting methodology which supports users to extend and utilize ERP system by themselves through self-learning when there are any changes in environment variables in the future operation.

Consultant K

  • Implementing a customized ERP through self-consulting
  • Step-by-stop setting with questions and answers
  • Providing specific case examples typical by industry group
컨설턴트 K