1 % Club

This is the mirror of our life.

There would be no richer life than that of giving and sharing.

Younglimwon Soft Lab pursues happy life together with its neighbors. The executives and staff of Younglimwon Soft Lab volunteered to set up 1 % Club to award scholarship to young students.

Operating Committee of the club collects 1% of the salaries of executives and staff every month for the scholarship.

Middle and high school students who work hard to make their dream come true with un-yielding will despite difficult family background are eligible for the scholarship.

Younglimwon executives and staff, as guardians for the students awarded the scholarship, encourage and uphold them to grow up to be talented members of our society.
There still remains much room for improvement, but we will do our best to make this club expand for more students to benefit from our scholarship program.